Tree Removal

Posted on Jun 8, 2016 in Projects | Comments Off on Tree Removal

Construction documents have been completed, the interpretive design piece is complete and fundraising is going strong for Camp Cowabunga.  As we continue to raise funds for this upcoming exhibit, we will also be using a portion of the 2017- 2032 sales tax to address the first phase of the elephant expansion that is within this exhibit.  We are planning to put a request for proposal out for bids after Thanksgiving to break ground early 2017.

If you have been through the zoo around Lions Pride recently you would have noticed some of the Camp Cowabunga pre-construction work has occurred. The area looks different now with the tree work that was done after spring break.  You may see lots of branches and logs still around and wonder what we are doing.  With the tree work that was done, what was edible was given to the animal collection to snack on.  What was not able to be used in exhibits as whole pieces was mulched to be used in flower beds. We also saved logs and trees to be placed in many exhibit throughout the zoo including Camp Cowabunga! Those will be moved into exhibits throughout the year such as the mountain lion, black bears and tigers. This project has a completion /opening date in 2018. For more information regarding Camp Cowabunga look around this website or make a donation here.