Painted Dogs

painted-dog2Beyond the Camp Cowabunga lodge is the Painted Dog Pathway.  This serves as the exit from Camp Cowabunga but continues to immerse guests with animals including the Painted Dogs.  In the future, guests will have views of elephants from this pathway.

Painted Dog Window

Located in the Manayara Tent, this window will offer a nose to nose view of the African Painted Dogs.

Painted Dog Feeding Zip Line

This cooperative hunting activity will provide staff a whole new way to present bones, hides and large chunks of meat to the African Painted Dogs.  Through a unique social structure, the dogs have to chase their enrichment item and then work together to pull it off the line.  By encouraging natural behaviors through enrichment, guests can see the African Painted Dogs chasing, tearing, pulling and working for their food…all of which are behaviors the dogs would exhibit in the wild.

Painted Dog Training Wall

This movable wall will allow staff safe interaction between dog and keeper to demonstrate the working relationship for husbandry training which could be viewing paws, opening mouth, body inspection, blood draws, painting, working with pups, etc.

Painted Dog Den

The Painted Dog Den offers a shaded cool area for Painted Dogs to rest and relax.  The den will be visible from a viewing window in the Manyara tent offering guests an up-close-and-personal view of the dogs.


African Painted Dog Heat Rock

The African Painted Dog Heat Rock will provide warmth to the dogs on a cool day.

Painted Dog Pond

African Painted Dogs absolutely love to play and lay near water.  Located near the Painted Dog Training Wall, this pond will provide children an opportunity to interact with the dogs through the use of a bubbling device in the pool.  A fun enrichment activity for the dogs and guests alike!