Other Features

gatewayCamp Cowabunga Gateway

Journey from the Zoo into Camp Cowabunga Gateway. This larger-than-life threshold experience will extend into Red Patas Realm, providing climbing and perching enrichment opportunities as well as overhead transfer from one exhibit to another.

Camp Critters

What critters might you encounter in a safari camp?  This exhibit, featuring “friends of camp staff” will serve as home to smaller animals commonly found in the safari camp.

Exterior Lighting

It is fully expected that Camp Cowabunga will be utilized for a number of evening events.  As such, exterior lighting, including oil lamps,  ambient lighting, etc, will be necessary throughout the exhibit.

Lion Loud Interactive

An interactive exhibit connecting the guest to the lion exhibit by comparing the loudest “ROAR”.  Guests will see the volume of the daily “ROAR” activity of the lions, and then have an opportunity to make their loudest “roar” thus activating the read meter.  Interpretive content will provide the details about how and why lions roar and fun facts about how far away a lion can be heard.

Lion Tongue Interactive

This bronze tongue casting with touchable papillae conveys in a playful manner the lion’s unique adaptive qualities of its spikey tongue.  Interpretive images/text will describe the function of the Lion tongue and how it works.

Safari Maze

Visitors will explore and discover as they find their way through a network of small paths winding through tall stands of bamboo and adrenalin grass.  Who knows what you might encounter!

vehicle-trailSafari Vehicle Trail

While on safari, one cannot help but notice the striking red soil as they navigate rugged hills and undulating plains in their safari vehicle.  This interpretive trail will evoke the transportative quality of being on a safari through landscape.  Along the track, visitors can research various animal tracks that are embedded in the gunite surface.


Soundscape will immerse the visitor in a variety of natural sounds they would experience during a safari that will help portray their overall experience as realistic as possible. Individualized zones in the tents and outdoors will offer controlled sound.  Demonstration zones throughout the exhibit allow staff to visit with guests while training animals.

Staging Kitchen

Camp Cowabunga will serve as a rental venue here at the Topeka Zoo with catering services available.  This particular area serves as a staging kitchen for the caterer.

In addition, Camp Cowabunga will feature lots of attractive and informative signage and directional signs to help you get around the camp.  We don’t want you getting lost in the African bush!