Lions Pride

Lions Pride is a naturalistic exhibit offering unique and intriguing ways to view our pride.  Several exhibit upgrades will occur including enhancement of their indoor quarters, a reserve yard, and the addition of a variety of “furniture” to their habitat including fallen trees and rockwork.

lions-windowLion Viewing Window

From the Samburu Tent in the Lodge, guests will be able to look onto the savannah and watch the sleeping lions lay on the rocks and in the fallen trees.

Lion Quarters

The Lion Quarters is the holding area for the African Lions when they are not on exhibit.  It features five units one of which is a cubbing den.  A catwalk allows staff to shift the animals, observe, monitor, and train.  In addition, a moving wall allows safe access to the lions for behavioral and medical needs.

Lion Lazy Tree

This fallen tree will be located within Lions Pride and allow opportunity for the lions to sit and lounge on a warm summer day.  This will be a favorite resting spot for lions as they eventually doze off, eyes pinched tight in quiet content, oblivious to the attention of humans attracted by their interesting behavior.

lionLion Training Wall

As you walk through the Samburu tent, experience the zookeeper training with the African Lions.  The lion training wall allows staff to do medical diagnostics without chemical immobilization.  During the training sessions, staff can inspect the full length of the lion, check their paws, and inspect their mouth and teeth.  In addition, the training wall will allow staff to work with cubs.  A training port will allow the staff to draw blood from the lions tail.  An ultrasound port will allow staff to do ultrasounds to diagnose certain medical conditions or evaluate the animal for pregnancy.

Lion Den

The Lions Kopje Den is a favorite of our African Lions whereby many naps occur.  What makes this experience  special is it is very visible from inside the Samburu tent offering guests an up-close-and-personal view of the lions.

Lion Heat Rock

The Lion Heat Rock, next to the Lion Viewing Window, will provide warmth to the lions on a cool day encouraging a hand to paw experience.

Lion Watering Hole

Get nose to nose with lions as they get a drink! This shallow lapping pool will be inside Samburu Tent near the viewing window.  This is sure to be an unforgettable experience and a great photo op!

Lion Reserve Yard

This habitat provides African lions an outdoor, off exhibit space, as well as a opportunity for the lioness to use to seclude her cubs those first few precious weeks.