Dung Beetle Square

Unique to Camp Cowabunga is Dung Beetle Square, where zoo guests will gather to watch wildlife, socialize, learn, enjoy, share experiences, take photos and make memories.  It is an ideal venue for zoo guests to learn about – and encounter to some degree – various dimensions of the safari experience.

Dung beetle square will serve as an additional rental venue opportunity during after-hours with the capacity to seat 200 people.

Components in Dung Beetle Square

Airstrip and Bush Plane

A common mode of transportation on safari is the Bush Plane.  At Camp Cowabunga, safarists will be able to view from a distance the airstrip and airplane along with an interpretive graphic of rules for both bush pilots….and passengers!

Bio-Fact Station

This structure will hold thematic crates to store educational biofacts and seating for staff and volunteers in a sun protected area.

Camp Bucket Shower

Located in Dung Beetle Square, the Camp Bucket Shower will allow relief on a hot summer day.  The structure will feature an overhead campfirebucket with water supply which is connected to a pull cord that releases a 3-5 second cooling water mist.

Campfire Circle

At the heart of every safari camp is campfire circle.  It is where sundowners are enjoyed, stories are told, and friendships are made.  At Camp Cowabunga Campfire Circle you can take a rest and watch the burning embers from the previous nights fire glow.

Devil’s Cataract at Victoria Falls

fallsFrom a distance, guests will experience Devil’s Cataract, one of the five different falls that make up Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.  This replica will stand approximately 20 feet tall and will serve as a water feature for the future elephant reserve.  Interpretive graphics will explain Victoria Falls’ local name “Mosi oa Tunya” meaning “Smoke that Thunders” as well as the Zambezi River ecology and wildlife.  Through a scope, visitors will see a Nile crocodile basking in the sun.

Dung Beetle Sculptures

These bronze sculptures are rolling across the camp fire area inside Dung Beetle Square providing a festive arrival point to the safari campground.  A great photo opportunity!

Exploration Play Area

This children’s play area located on the perimeter of Dung Beetle Square will allow guests to engage in fun immersive safari activities.  Whether it is exploring in a canoe next to the banks of the Zambezi or cooling off at the Safari Bucket Shower, there is a variety of fun to be had by all!

balloonHot Air Balloon and Basket

In this exhibit, guests will be able to climb aboard a real hot air balloon basket and learn why this is one of the best ways to see Africa.  Interpretive graphics will be incorporated into the exhibit that would depict what the world looks like 2,000 feet in the air.

Lion Roar Station

Learn to identify lion communications through playful engagement.  Through the use of three to four pull down buckets, visitors would hear audio lion communications. Adjacent panels provide interpretive content about lion communications and possibly “reveal” the meaning of the sounds heard in the bucket.

safarilooSafari Loo

Located in Dung Beetle Square, this interpretative display will feature a variety of scat that can be found on safari.

Zambezi Canoe

This Safari-branded canoe is upside-down with bow resting on a large dead-fall or lashed posts/ crossbeam – providing shade and a kids hiding/climbing spot.