Camp Cowabunga Lodge

The Camp Cowabunga Lodge will feature four themed tents including Gary’s Tent, Samburu Tent, Arusha Tent, and Manyara Tent.  The four tents will feature a wide variety of interpretive graphics, interactive exhibits, and wildlife viewing including African Lion, Red Patas Monkeys, African Painted Dogs and eventually African Elephants!  Within the tents, guests gain close-up viewing of the animals.  LodgeInteractive educational exhibits complement the viewing and lead way to a possible meeting with their Safari Guide in Gary’s Tent.  Departing from the tents and the comforts of camp, guests have one last journey past the Painted Dog viewing area and then take away a part of Africa for themselves.

The lodge will serve as an additional rental venue opportunity during after-hours with the capacity to seat 144  people.

Tents in the Lodge

Samburu Tent

Samburu Tent, named after the first male lion that resided in Lions Pride, will serve as the main entrance to Cowabunga Lodge.  The tent will feature a large window for lion viewing including a training wall that staff can utilize for demonstrations.

Arusha Tent

Named after one of the two original females of Lions Pride, this tent will house “Camp Critters” as well as provide viewing of the Red Patas Monkeys.

Manyara Tent

As guests enter Manyara tent, they will take one last African journey as they pass through the painted dog viewing area.  Viewable from this tent will be the Painted Dog Den, the exhibit, the pool, and also the “furniture” within the habitat including a feeding zipline!  Manyara tent was named after one of two original females of Lions Pride.

Gary’s Tent

This tent serves as the Safari Guide’s personal dwelling and includes seating and mementos.  The gallery wall will include images, maps, and other biofacts/ artifacts from Gary Clarke’s 140 Safaris.  If you are lucky, Gary might be in and you can share safari stories with him!