Antelope & Guinea Fowl

African Antelope

These tiny African antelope will be included in a mixed species exhibit with the Red Patas Monkey.

Antelope Cliffs

These rocky outcroppings will serve as habitat to small African antelope. These antelope prefer rocky territory where they can be seen moving freely, seemingly on tiptoe.

guineafowlAfrican Guinea Fowl

The guinea fowl is a wild bird that lives in a variety of habitats across the African continent.  It is a ground-nesting bird and spends much of its time scratching on the ground in search of insects.  Our flock will cohabit with the Red Patas Monkey and African Antelope.

Antelope/Guinea Fowl Quarters

This is a holding area for small antelope and guinea fowl that will accompany the Red Patas Monkeys in a mixed species exhibit.  During the cold weather months of Kansas, this holding area will provide warmth to these African natives.