"Bringing the Heart of Africa to the Heart of Topeka"

An Africa Adventure Awaits

Camp Virtual Tour

Join Gary K. Clarke, Director Emeritus, World Famous Topeka Zoo, on this virtual tour of Camp Cowabunga.


Can you help us on our trail to making Camp Cowabunga a reality?

Camp Cowabunga is unlike any other Africa exhibit in any zoo in the world.  This camp will transport guests to Africa through its unique concept that lets guests participate in activities that take place on safaris or at camp while being surrounded by animals from the moment they get to the camp entrance.

Who is Gary Clarke?

Topeka Zoo guru Gary Clarke, the Zoo’s director emeritus, is an accomplished author and a seasoned safari guide whose passionate personal and professional journey is the catalyst for our Camp Cowabunga. Known for his wit and humor, Clarke has conducted 140 photo safaris connecting people from Topeka and around the world with animals and one another for memorable moments.

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Camp Cowabunga Video

Gary Clarke talks about Camp Cowabunga and gives you an interactive tour.

Lions Pride Viewing Window

Floor to ceiling windows will allow visitors to see lions up close.

Devil’s Cataract at Victoria Falls

Guests will experience Devil’s Cataract at Victoria Falls.

Safari Vehicle to View Monkeys

Climb aboard this Safari vehicle and be on the lookout for Red Patas Monkeys!

Hot Air Balloon Feature

Guests can climb aboard a hot air balloon and learn why it is one of the best ways to...

Campfire Circle

At the heart of every safari camp is the campfire circle.

Dung Beetle Square

See what Dung Beetle Square will look like in Camp Cowabunga.